Alex Bellini was born in Italy in 1978. He is a full-time professional adventurer, mental coach and motivational speakerHe is also currently studying for a degree in psychology.

Amongst Alex’s many achievements as an adventurer are:

In 2001 he ran the Marathon De Sables;
In 2002 and 2003 Alex walked across Alaska pulling a sledge;
In 2005 Alex rowed alone 11,000 kilometres across the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean in 227 days;
In 2008 he rowed alone 18,000 kilometres across the Pacific Ocean from Peru to Australia;
In 2011 he ran 5,300 kilometres across the United States in 70 days;
In 2015 Alex was appointed an ambassador for Expo2015.

Alex’s objective in undertaking this latest adventure, named the Adrift project, is primarily for research.  He will explore how a human copes and reacts to stressful conditions by immersing himself in a situation which is completely outside his control.  He will monitor how pain, fear and lack of sleep affect his reactions and his psychology in an extreme situation. Finally the project will enable Alex to tell a story about the process in which an iceberg travels across the seas and turns eventually back to water.

Alex says: “I believe we live in a time when the human race is becoming increasingly detached from nature and increasingly obsessed with control.  I hope by undertaking Adrift to get a sense of how we as humans are equipped to deal with nature when we can’t enforce control over it, how we come up with solutions to problems and how changes in our natural environment affect us culturally as a species. I am personally motivated by exploring my own capability and limits of endurance and passing on my experience and the knowledge gained to others.”

What I like most is to embark in self-discovering adventures toward the exploration 
of my own remote regions.
Alex Bellini