The most ambitious adventures need a great team, able to turn the impossible into possible.
Adrift gives the extraordinary opportunity to “get on board the adventure” and concretely contribute to the realization of the 50.000 Euros survival capsule that will be used by Alex during his stay on the iceberg.
A contribution of 100 Euro entitles you to have:
– your handwritten signature on the capsule (printed on a 12 cm sticker) ,Capsula
– autographed photo of the capsule with your signature delivered to you before the adventure begins;
– special and exclusive updates for the duration of the adventure.
– special mention on this website amongst the Supporters;
– And many other surprises to come …
If you want to contribute to the realization of this unique project, donate € 100 and start today to experience the adventure.
Thank you very much from The Adrift 2015 Team.

Already part of the Adventure:

Giovanni Salomoni Rigon
Giovanni Marinoni
Emanuele Laerte Gugnali
Camillo Corvi Mora
Giacomo Inches
Antonia Corvi Mora
Paolo Margnetti
Giulio Marinoni
Ilse De Backker
Martino Corvi Mora
Adriana Sorbellini
Gianandrea Silvestri
Giorgio Garello
Fabio Alessi
Luciano Margnetti
Montserrat Camps Bernabé
Marco Bicocchi Pichi
Francesca Fedeli
William Da Roit
Andrea Camer
Giuseppe Pampanini
Riccardo Ambrogi
Grazia Pozzi
Raffaele Amatino
Julian Sharpe
Francesco Micotti
Guerino Fiori
Umberto Fortini
Alberto Mereghetti