Last night, just before dinner, I had a conversation with my 6 years-old daughter about the emergency position indicating radio Beacon, as know as EPIRB, I’ll use while on the iceberg. I guess, some of you might be interested in knowing how it works.

Dad, is this the iceberg which you will be living on?iceberg3
Yes, it is a sort of.
And, where would you put your house? You mean the survival capsule? Remember, the red bubble you have played with last year?
Oh, yes…
And, what is below that line, into the water?
Another big piece of ice, a bigger part which allows the iceberg to stay upright.

What if the iceberg flips over?capsula
(I was sort of hoping you would not ask that) Well, the capsule will plunge into the sea and I’ll come back home. End of the story.
How do people know you will need help?
I’ll have a device called EPIRB, which transmit a SOS signal the moment it touches the water. This signal is caught by a satellite above us, a kind of antenna in the sky, which delivers the signal to the rescue Center in Greenland. No sooner they will get the message, than they set up the rescue procedures (by helicopter or by boat) and they will come and pick me up. Understand?

Guys, dinner is ready!

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