The mission.

In Winter 2018 Alex Bellini will be dropped on a tabular iceberg off the west coast of Greenland and, by the influence of the currents, he will be pushed southbound towards warmer water. The adventure will be conducted in hostile environment with temperature around 20 degree below zero.

It will be the journey of a lone man and the journey of the human kind on this Planet. Adrift.



Adrift mission will put on the iceberg sensors and devices in order to collect real-time data about ice structure and its dynamic evolution during the drift. These data, never collected before, will help scientists to understand important issues about climate change on Planet Earth.



The project, supported by a panel of opinion leaders (including environmentalists, scientists, thinkers, artists, bloggers…), will highlight the crucial themes of climate change and sustainability to big audience in a cross-disciplinary perspective.



I strongly believe that human beings grow and get stronger when exposed to stress, volatility, fear and disorder. This new challenge will be the perfect environment to learn new skills with the hope to bring them back to my everyday challenges and make my life even more marvelous.


Survival Capsule.

The capsule is a totally customized environment made by Survival Capsule LLC, a company based in Mukilteo (Seattle) that develops survival solution for natural disaster. The capsule is fully furnished and allow Alex to live for the entire duration of the mission without any external support. Energy supply is guaranteed by source of renewable energy, such as solar panels and power unit activated by Ales’s physical activity.

Food provisions for one year are stored in the internal warehouse.

Weather condition

The adventure will be conducted in hostile environment with temperature around 20° below zero and wind gale-force wind.

Food provisions

Thermo-stabilized food will be stored onboard.

Energy supply

Guaranteed by renewable sources, such as solar panels, wind generator and a power unit activated by Alex’s physical activity.


Satellite phone will guarantee global coverage.


Emergency procedures

A local rescue team will be on duty 24/7 and a mission control room will be deployed in Italy.

Life onboard

Alex will spend most of the day into the survival capsule. He will run researches both for environment and for human-related purposes.

Duration of the adventure

The adventure will last no longer than 12 months. Given the unpredictability of the iceberg, it is not possible to predict the exact duration of the mission.

End of mission

  • The mission may end mechanically (80 – Alex leaves the iceberg).

The belief.

  • When we are forced to leave our habits behind, we suddenly become better observers of others and ourselves and we can enjoy the fact that we are truly the smallest piece of the largest puzzle of all: life.

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