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The psychology of global climate change

We can no longer hide the fact that human systems have become as integral and defining a component of this planet’s processes as are biological, atmospheric, hydrologic, and geologic systems. We all know that. The following is an abstract of a paper from participants in the symposium, “Innovations in Environmental Policy,” sponsored by the University […]

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EPIRB: the emergency position indicating radio Beacon

Last night, just before dinner, I had a conversation with my 6 years-old daughter about the emergency position indicating radio Beacon, as know as EPIRB, I’ll use while on the iceberg. I guess, some of you might be interested in knowing how it works. Dad, is this the iceberg which you will be living on? […]

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The cultural change of the climate change

People love stories. Sometimes they make them dream, sometimes they frighten them, but stories always make people think. The story I want to tell is the story of a small village in Greenland, Uummannaq. It is situated on a small island in a remote area of the west coast of Greenland and preserves the tradition and […]

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50 ways to help

Are you wondering, just like many of us, how to help the Planet? Are you confused because it seems to be a too big challenge that you don’t know where to start to tackle it? Check this list out.

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Adrift Mission – The trailer

This is the trailer of Adrift Mission, edited in 2013 by BigRock. In the meantime, many things have changed, but it still well presents the main challenges and purposes of this once-in-a-lifetime mission.

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